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Industry: Construction – Roofing Contractors

Campaign Type: Local

Location: Deerfield Beach, FL

Campaign Start Date: January 27, 2020

SEO Hours per Month: 40

Goal: Build authority and rank in the five surrounding cities

SEO Strategy

To better support our client’s strategic keywords, our team recommended dedicated pages be made for each of their services. These new, optimized pages with keyword specific copy and reduced page load times helped significantly increase the page’s authority, readability, and rankings on Google. Within the first 6 months, 25 of the selected keywords jumped to the first page.

Their investment into SEO increased the quantity and quality of their website traffic. Moreover, being on the first page of Google made them the voice of authority for roofing companies in South Florida. Increased click volume resulted in more calls, and more sales. Within a short period of time, their summer was booked solid. SEO is now their main source of customer acquisition, and leads continue to flood their inbox, as if on autopilot.

Keyword Page Rank
Tile roofing Boca Raton Fl



Spanish tile roofing Boca Raton Fl



Spanish tile roof repair Boca Raton Fl


18 → 1

Reroofing repair Fort Lauderdale Fl

2 → 1


Spanish tile roofing West Palm Beach Fl

5 → 1

49 → 1

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32 Keywords on Page 1 of Google
#1 – Current top spot

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